The Best Pilots and Finales

Best Pilots

  1. The Walking Dead (One and a half hours of pure television entertainment. That final scene absolutely hooked me…and here i am, four seasons later.)
  2. The West Wing (The opening “walk and talk” scene –  an almost 5-minute continuous shot that exemplified the brilliance of the writing and acting the show had over 7 seasons.)
  3. Lost (At the time, it was the most expensive pilot ever made, and rightfully so. JJ Abrams created a movie-calibre pilot that drew you in from the opening seconds.)
  4. 24 (Such a unique approach to television season: “The following takes place between midnight and 1.00 a.m. on the day of the California Presidential Primary”. Awesome.)
  5. Stargate: Atlantis (I must have seen “The Rising” at least 20 times. A great segue from SG1 to Atlantis.)

JJ Abrams and Matthew Fox filming the Lost pilot

Best Finales

  1. Friends (She got off the plane!!)
  2. Dawson’s Creek (Skipping a few years into the future gave the show an honest and more “realistic” ending. Michelle Williams gave us a heart wrenching performance and a great sneak peek into how she would become an Oscar nominee… And finally the Joey/Dawson/Pacey love triangle was put to rest. Joey and Pacey 4lyfe!)
  3. Sex and the City (New York AND Paris? Its a no brainer.)
  4. Buffy (The slayers are all awoken and the Hellmouth collapses. Just another day in Sunnydale.)
  5. The Sopranos (That final scene…)
After 10 seasons, the Friends cast in the finale

After 10 seasons, the Friends cast in the finale


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